Peter Stocker
Country Principal and Managing Director
VERITAS Design Group
VERITAS Architects United Kingdom

Peter Stocker is a Principal of VERITAS Design Group and Managing Director of VERITAS Architects (UK) Ltd.

He studied architecture at Cambridge and Havard Universities and following a role in the establishment of VERITAS in 1987-1988, he joined the pioneering UK modenmist practice York Rosenberg & Mardell (YRM).

He became an associate at YRM in 1990 and a Director in 1995, focusing on healthcare, education and other complex Institutional projects with multiple stakeholders both in UK and overseas.

He has been continuously involved in the briefing and Design of projects across several sectors where the revenue consequences of capital expenditure, organizational change issues, and the sustainable enhancement of the workplace environment gave formed key elements of the brief.

He left YRM in 2009 to pursue an international agenda and acquired MPA Design Strategy and Planning. This became part of VERITAS Design Group in 2016 and was re-branded as VERITAS Architects (UK) Ltd.

In addition to experience of working in Malaysia over 30 years, he also has extensive experience in Europe, the middle East, India and Africa.