Interior Design
VERITAS Interiors Sdn Bhd has been providing interior design services since 1987, and it has since experienced rapid growth, expanding into all areas of the interior design field. Today, despite its relative maturity, VERITAS Interiors Sdn Bhd continues to pursue a dynamic approach to innovative design empowered by the principles of professionalism.

VERITAS Interiors Sdn Bhd has been honoured over the years with works commissioned for major international and public listed companies. Completed works of the firm have been published widely in the local media and the Principals have presented their work and ideas at numerous academic and professional forums. VERITAS Interiors Sdn Bhd has adopted a flexible and adaptable approach to handling projects, tailored to respond to the specific needs of each particular project and the decision-making process of the Client or its representatives. At VERITAS Interiors Sdn Bhd the quality of professional service to each Client takes precedence over theoretical design goals. Consequently, the firm's work is marked not by a fixed stylistic signature, but rather by a consistent approach inspired by the principles of good design.

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