VERITAS Planning Sdn Bhd is one of the more recent additions to the VERITAS group of companies. With the increasing demand for specialization in this field, and with the growing amount of planning work being commissioned, VERITAS decided in early 2008 to formally establish this new entity dedicated to planning services of international standard. Master planning and urban design for a variety of vastly different projects has given VERITAS Planning Sdn Bhd considerable exposure in this specialist field. This includes educational and resort master planning, commercial urban in-fill planning, residential and township planning as well as the themed planning of gated communities.

Vision and Practice

Place matters. The creation of better places goes way beyond planning and design — it describes how we select our options for living, working, shopping, getting around, meeting up and relaxing. Our placemaking vision and practice is to produce balanced decisions on new development that factor in community need: efficient utilities, green space, mixed use and design quality as well as economically viable and sustainable.

As we witness the new era of community-led approach to the township development, ‘people’ and ‘place’ are clearly the attributes identified as the forefront of our design process. Therefore, our core purpose is to elevate the quality of our built environment for the pleasure of humanity.

Our multi-disciplinary design firm with multi-disciplinary approach, will go beyond the conventional practice of master planning.

Master planning services:
  • Townships
  • Residential and Mixed-Use Developments
  • Campus Planning/ Education-related Developments
  • Waterfront Developments
  • Transport-oriented Developments (TOD)
  • Pedestrian-oriented Developments (POD)
  • Urban Redevelopment

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