Environmental Design
VERITAS Environment Sdn Bhd was established as a member of the VERITAS Design Group in 2013. Its primary objective is to achieve pragmatic and energy-efficient environmental design solutions for a more sustainable built environment while ensuring financial advantage to project stake-holders. VERITAS Environment Sdn Bhd does this by conducting detailed engineering computations and simulations to identify the most optimal design solutions for each project.

Malaysia Environmental Design SUSTAINABILITY ASSESSMENTS
The firm works with design teams at the earliest stages of each project to introduce innovative and cost-effective opportunities to define sustainable strategies in line with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) from the U.S.A Green Building Council, BREEAM International by UK Building Research Establishment, GBI (Malaysian Green Building Index) and BCA Green Mark Singapore. VERITAS Environment Sdn Bhd specializes in project developments targeting exemplary rating levels with a minimum LEED or GBI Gold and BREEAM accreditation.

With the firms extensive knowledge of environmental design principles, climate analysis and computer simulation, its package of services will guide the design process to optimize building configuration and energy consumption, while minimising investment cost.

An effective approach to conservation in every building project is to achieve a holistic solution for water use and management. Among the effective strategies that encompass this approach are:
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Wastewater and greywater recycling
  • Water efficient fittings
VERITAS Environment Sdn Bhd has also developed in-house software to right-size water tanks for rainwater harvesting, taking into account the hourly input for rainfall and the building's water demand.

A sustainable master plan provides opportunities to address the environmental, social and economic impacts at the macro scale. The firm works with master planners and urban designers to provide communities with better places to live and work while reducing their environmental footprint. VERITAS Environment Sdn Bhd provides input and feedback to the design teams, using both international and local best practice standards such as LEED ND and GBI Township to set appropriate targets.

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