Independent Check Engineering

Project Audit & Independent Check Engineers

As an independent engineer, VERITAS Contracts able to performs audit, assessment or verification services and offering a professional “second opinion” concerning technical issues that may benefit from an objective and independent review. The services often involve reviews to meet by other engineering firms and are designed to meet the requirements of financing or regulatory agencies. VERITAS Contracts brings an international reputation and experienced professionals’ skills to such assignment.

The purpose of the Independent Checking Engineer is to provide a third-party check or way to resolve technical issues that may benefit from an objective and independent review.

The Independent Checking Engineer (ICE) services we provide include the verification of:

  • Compliance of the contractor's scope of work with the employer’s requirements
  • Compliance of the contractor's design with the applicable contractual standards and regulations
  • Correctness and completeness of the design deliverables produced by the contractor
  • Compliance with the applicable construction techniques and procedures, as specified by the contract and the applicable regulations
  • Project Cost estimate and completion time audit
  • Project document audit including contracts, drawings and specification
  • Preliminary Design and Detailed Design independent Checking
  • Consultant and Contractor selection and performance monitoring
  • Structural Assessment and Safety Audit

Our qualified Independent Engineer serving as the ICE will be independent from the employer, its representatives and the contractor.


Claim Consultant

VERITAS Contracts work closely with legal practices involved in engineering and construction litigation to provide claims preparation, claims defensing, claims advancing and negotiation of claims for extension of time, loss of money and/or expense or general damages for both contractors/sub-contractors and employers/owners in the assessment of risk and avoidance of disputes.


Claims Analysis & Preparation - On behalf of Contractors / Sub-Contractors

  • Preparation of loss and expense claims on behalf of main contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers and others including providing initial advice and guidance on possible heads of claim, timing and content of notifications, advice on presentation of the claim documents, negotiation in order to reach settlement and Expert Witness services if arbitration or litigation becomes unavoidable.
  • Advice on extension of time submissions and validity of deduction of liquidated and ascertained damages.
  • Advice on problems of payment, set-off, contra charges and counter claims.
  • Calculation and advice regarding contentious items such as disruption, loss of productivity, head office overheads, loss of profit, finance charges and interest.
  • Preparation of variation claims.

Defense of Claims - On behalf of Employers / Owners

  • Advice on defense of loss and expense claims on behalf of Employers/Owners when received from Main Contractors, Sub-contractors and Vendors/Suppliers including providing initial advice and guidance on the validity of the heads of claim presented, validity of notifications and complete evaluation of claims.
  • Advice on the correct imposition of liquidated damages claims and other damages claims.
  • Advice on preparation of counterclaims and other defenses