Construction Claims Consultant

Being a multi-discipline service provider in the industry, VERITAS Contracts Sdn Bhd is supported by a team of experienced and knowledgeable consultants with quantity surveying, engineering and legal backgrounds, in all aspects of local and international projects.

Alternative Dispute Resolutions and litigation of construction cases are usually complex and confusing. Construction drawings and documents more often than not can be used to both challenge and prove the same point. At the same time, legal practitioners generally face difficulties in deciphering construction drawings and documents, albeit supporting documents in plain sight and can be used to turn the outcome of cases when utilized effectively.

On the other hand, Contractors often face the struggle to explain construction issues to their lawyers. Legal practitioners often face challenges in explaining to Contractors why certain documents or facts are actually detrimental to the cause. It is not unlikely that lawyers find themselves arguing on technical points that they have no real understanding of, creating unnecessary exposure.

This disparity in the knowledge gap of the construction industry between lawyers and contractors often leads to inadequate understanding of a case. This is where we at VERITAS Contracts Sdn Bhd aimed to close the said gap in providing third party professional opinion on construction related services.

We are able to provide the following services: -

  1. Arbitration & Adjudication
    Provide technical support to in the Arbitration and Adjudication process covering initial appraisal on the strength and weakness of the dispute and the records / correspondence relating to the dispute, and assisting in preparation of counter-claim, Causation and Quantum documents (time and cost) under the terms and conditions in the contract and prevailing accepted practice.
  2. Contractual Advice & Contracts Administration
    Review and contractual advice on local and international standard forms of contracts and sub-contract, amendment and drafting of contracts based on special conditions and requirements for project specifics, advices on notices to be given under the Contract and contract compliance, advice on termination, disruption and extension of time.
  3. Claims Analysis & Preparation
    • Providing initial advice and guidance in preparation of loss and expense claims, presentation of the claim’s documents, settlement negotiation and provide Expert Witness services if arbitration or litigation become unavoidable.
    • Calculation and advice on problems of payment, set-off, contra charges, counter claims and contentious items such as disruption, loss of productivity, loss of profit and finance charges.
    • Assist on preparation of variation claims.
  4. Defense of Claims
    • Advice on defense of loss and expense claims received from Main Contractors, Sub-contractors and Vendors/Suppliers.
    • Guidance on the validity of the heads of claim presented, validity of notifications and assist in completion of evaluation of claims.
    • Assist on preparation of counterclaims and others defense.
  5. Planning & Delay Analysis
    Provide planning, coordination and management of projects from inception through completion. In addition to planning services, we support Extension of Time claims with detailed delay analysis prepared on behalf of Contractors or to defend the Employer’s position on receipt of such claims from Contractors.
  6. Expert Witness Service
    Preparation of expert witness reports for defense of claims (work done, variations, liquidated damages, back charges), quantum and delay matters with subsequent attendance at litigation, arbitration and adjudication proceedings.