Landscape Design
VERITAS Landscape Sdn Bhd was originally established in 1996. As one of Malaysia’s leading landscape design firms, it provides professional services in two core areas; landscape design and landscape master planning. During the 22 years of its operations, the firm has established an enviable legacy of completed and ongoing award-winning projects on the ground. Its completed project experience in Malaysia covers residential, educational, leisure, sporting and international visitor destinations. The philosophy of VERITAS Landscape Sdn Bhd is to achieve a symbiosis between the natural and the man-made; whereby neither overwhelms the other. This approach is evident in all of its projects which seamlessly integrate softscape and hardscape into the larger architectural or planning context of the project. VERITAS Landscape Sdn Bhd commissions are as diverse as the subject itself and range from the macro to the micro scale and from urban to rural. Its Client base includes the government sector, private developers and foreign parties.
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