VERITAS Architects Sdn Bhd was established in 1987 as the original entity within the VERITAS Design Group, and has since experienced rapid growth, expanding into all areas of professional architectural services. Today, despite its relative maturity, VERITAS Architects continues to pursue a dynamic approach to design founded on innovation and the principles of professionalism.

VERITAS Architects Sdn Bhd has been honored over the years to be commissioned on award-winning architectural projects for major international organizations and public listed companies, both within Malaysia and overseas. Completed projects of the firm have been published widely in the local media and the Principals have presented their work and ideas at numerous academic and professional forums.

As a part of the VERITAS Design Group, VERITAS Architects can efficiently integrate related professional services provided by its sister companies: planning, interior design, landscape design and quantity surveying and project management. The group’s resources include over 350 staff within its 3 Malaysian offices (Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor) and 6 international offices.

VERITAS Architects Sdn Bhd has adopted a flexible and adaptable approach to handling architectural design projects, tailored to respond to the specific needs of each particular project and the decision-making process of the Client. At VERITAS Architects Sdn Bhd, the quality and consistency of professional service on each project takes precedence over theoretical design goals. Consequently, the firm’s work is marked not by a fixed stylistic signature, but rather by a consistent approach inspired by the principles of good design, environmental concern and contextual integrity.

Office Buildings
Generally, office buildings can be either owner-occupied or speculative. While one requires in-depth understanding of the Clients' specific needs, the other demands design flexibility for a wide range of potential tenant types. High-rise office towers offer the unique potential of being iconic symbols within their urban environment. VERITAS has extensive experience in handling a wide range of award-winning office buildings in all categories; from low -rise clusters to skyscrapers. More
Mixed-use development has evolved into a common feature in today's dense dynamic cities. By bringing together the various components of urban activity into a singular environment, mixed-use developments are capable of creating unique and invigorating experiences for their users. VERITAS is proud to have contributed our expertise and experience to this important project type through several key projects. More
Residential projects are a fundamental responsibility of all conscientious architects and can range widely to include single family houses, gated communities, housing developments, low-density apartments and exclusive high-rise condominiums. VERITAS has extensive experience in all these areas and continues to be a leader in the exploration of innovative award-winning design solutions for all residential categories. More
Leisure projects present the opportunity to explore the limits of lifestyle and fantasy. VERITAS involvement in leisure development is no less extensive with award-winning projects ranging from tropical resorts designed to blend with their surroundings to modern urban hotels, up-market serviced apartments and golf/family clubhouses. More
VERITAS Design Group has wide experience within the educational sector, from pre-school through to tertiary and research levels. Educational programs offer exciting design challenges and are increasingly important resources within the communities they serve. Well-designed educational projects constitute important physical assets for society and commitment to future generations. More
From the conventional shop-offices to hypermarkets, shopping complexes and hybrid malls, retail outlets are unique in their need to incorporate special customer-friendly features such as public zone spaces and art, in addition to providing flexible tenant spaces for retail activity. Recognizing this, VERITAS has successfully completed numerous retail projects throughout Malaysia, and remains one of the most prolific designers of retail projects in the country and beyond. More
Health Care
The standard of the health care sector in any society is a reflection of the importance placed on the quality of life and physical/mental well-being of its people. As a responsible corporate citizen VERITAS is dedicated to the enhancement of society’s health care needs through our commitment to the planning and design of hospitals, clinics and retirement communities bench-marked against international best-practice. Completed and on-going health care projects by VERITAS range in size, typology, complexity and geographical location both in Malaysia and Australia. More
Transportation projects must satisfy their functional role as movers of people and goods, improve the quality of life of the community they serve and stimulate economic development. VERITAS is one of the region's leading transportation planners/designers and has been responsible for designing high-speed transportation infrastructure for aviation, rail and road-based vehicular systems. More
Technology -intensive and industrial-type facilities have specialized function-related needs, which greatly influence the building design. Consequently, technical and production knowledge is a very important asset in handling such projects. Successful involvement in several technology intensive and industrial projects has proven VERITAS’ ability to handle these technical requirements without sacrificing the architectural character of the final outcome. More
Special Projects
VERITAS has also built-up an impressive portfolio of projects which do not fit into any of the main project-type categories. And then there are projects which will simply defy categorization. The practice firmly believes in the importance of engaging with new experiences and learning through exploration to meet the needs of all unique building programs. More