Maanenfushi Island Resort, Maldives
From the air, the Maanenfushi Island yields the first impression of a flutterer seed. Its dense tropical foliage spreads evenly across the circular island—until it terminates in a green stalk jutting out into the water. A halo of shallow, turquoise waters alludes to the papery wings of the seed. And such, the masterplanning of the island spreads out in 2 directions: radially—on the outer fringe of the shallow depths and inwardly—in thin controlled lines across the island.

This 5-star hotel does full justice to the varying surrounding contexts: 17 beach villas, 6 pairs of beach bungalows perched on the threshold of the jungle and the beach, 42 aqua villas and 2 aqua penthouses on the western aspect of the island. All villas are designed as a semi-enclosed courtyards opening out to give each unit a private view of the sea.
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Proposed in 2007
Maanenfushi Island Resort, MaldivesMaanenfushi Island Resort, MaldivesMaanenfushi Island Resort, Maldives
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