Vision City
Vision City is a mixed-use development consisting of 3 office towers with an average height of 30 storeys in the first phase, followed by a proposed 40 storey service condominium block and a retail complex with a total built up area of approximately 6.8 million sf, inclusive of basement car park. The scheme consists of 3 identical towers; the basic volume a platonic rectangular volume, and the configuration is an exercise in urban planning dynamics. At the crown of the building, the orthogonal volume splices apart to each reveal a glass box, an elevated telescopic lens designed to capture the skyline of Kuala Lumpur. This gesture strongly enforces the directionality of the towers while differentiating the front, back and sides of the building. The towers are arrayed slightly skewed with each other. The positioning of the towers is to capture different angles of Kuala Lumpur's key landmarks. The project was done in conjunction with Space Group Architects from Korea.
RHB Daewoo Sdn Bhd
First Phase Completed 2001
Vision CityVision CityVision City
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