One Sentral
One Sentral is the dominant form among the conglomeration of office buildings and residences making up the KL Sentral development. One Sentral has Two Faces. Approaching from Brickfields, it appears as a slim rectilinear plane with a facade evoking the motif of a barcode. That the first angle of its form piercing one's sight appears tapered conceals the bulk of the building, making it appear thinner than it really is. The pedestal upon which it rests speaks the same language of vertical lines, albeit modulated in justification of the shift of program from office spaces to podium car park. The main entrance on the western facade is marked by these aluminum fins disintegrating into a shimmering coda.The building facade was carefully engineered to reduce thermal transmission through the use of shading devices and louvered-glazing.
Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad
Completed 2011
One SentralOne SentralOne SentralOne SentralOne SentralOne Sentral
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