Suria Putrajaya

The site is a square-shaped lot on the immediate rear of a series of interrelated buildings, monumental set pieces facing the Putrajaya boulevard. These set a formal tone and any subsequent building that is constructed on the site needs to adhere to the tenor of formalism that characterizes the boulevard’s mood. The program of the building is divided equal proportion into office spaces, a hotel and retail zones, with the prediction that the retail component would service the growing recreational and food and beverage demand within this government precinct, permitting public recreational flows that would feed off the demand generated by the hotel and the resident office zone. The orthogonal massing of the building optimises the allowable floor area as determined by statuary building requirements, though the nearly 1:1 aspect ratio of the site eventually becomes a hindrance to creating a reasonably-sized dropoff area, as the setback requirements would have resulted in a building more rectangular than square, thereby reducing the efficiency of the floor plate. Effort was made to extend the glass balcony over the public thoroughfare, though with concessions in the road lay-by and drop-off zone, to maintain the public and pedestrian realm of the roadside. The deep plan that results from this square aspect ratio is further dealt with by designing the massing of the hotel as a double loaded corridor centred around a courtyard, ample natural light is brought into the interiors of the office podium via a glass skylight.

Mayland Berhad
Completed 2015
Suria PutrajayaSuria PutrajayaSuria PutrajayaSuria PutrajayaSuria PutrajayaSuria Putrajaya
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