Sinkeh Hotel
A 19th century Straits Chinese shop house in Penang is re-purposed into a hotel and arts space. While preserving the street facade, a new 3-storey pavilion of steel and glass is inserted into the rear without touching both party walls, creating a dramatic tapering light well that brings in daylight and ventilation. Every light-filled guestroom has a sun-drenched glass shower with views of the historical city or the time-worn party wall which becomes the 4th facade of the 16m2 room. The corridor is akin to a 'floating jetty' of steel and timber, recalling the traditional clan villages on Penang's coast. Past and present merge, forming a contemporary spatial experience that engages with history. The lobby and courtyard transforms into a performance venue or studio, providing a space for the local arts community and an incubator for emerging artists. Sinkeh - meaning 'new comer' - traces the narrative of the early immigrants and commemorates the history of Penang.

Sek Thim
Completed 2013
Sinkeh HotelSinkeh HotelSinkeh HotelSinkeh HotelSinkeh HotelSinkeh Hotel
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