Shangri-La Sanya Resort and Spa,Hainan


Sanya Shangri-La Resort is located in the north-eastern coastal area of ​​Sanya City, the tourist center of Hainan Province consisting of Haishuwan Town of Sanya City and Yingzhou Town of Lingshui County. The bay is 42.8 kilo-meters long.  The base of the hotel is high in the west and low in the east with a total land area of about 180 square meters. 
The overall layout is centered on the Main Hotel building, with the main entrance lobby and the rest of the hotel north-south winged guestrooms and supporting buildings diverging around.  Entering from the main entrance at the northwest corner of the base, passing through a landscaped green belt with a rich tropical atmosphere, the resort-style hotel building is displayed in front of the hotel. Group composition; the roof of the main building of the hotel is equipped with a roof garden, which combines the original base terrain with the surface garden landscape design to form a unique and harmonious overall tropical scenery and leisure landscape. The north-south two-wing hotel rooms, which descends along the terrain and stretches to the east coast, forms a nice natural vista for the hotel rooms, maximizing the number of sea-view rooms for the hotel. 

Hierarchy of the development is achieved with the roof of the main hotel building designed with double-pitched slopes while the other guestroom buildings and supporting buildings are in the form of single-sloping roofs. The building materials are mostly made of local or domestic stone materials and building materials. 
The overall functional layout of the development places great emphasis on the privacy of hotel guests and visitors.  The guestrooms complex is connected to other public areas by pedestrian walkways, but is separated by green spaces, clearly divided, and away from possible noise sources of public events; ensuring a relatively quiet environment in the hotel room area, providing guests with quality rest and leisure conditions.  The landscape planning and design of the project adopts the idea of ​​“being close to nature and leisure” with the consistent use of local tree species, flowers, and local stone to blend into the existing environment, scenery, and topography to create a green garden with rich tropical flavour.  The planning combines seascapes to form an eco-type holiday and leisure environment that “sees the sea and opens the door to see the greens”; the design uses the design techniques of borrowing and translucent, highlighting the faint and elegant taste.

Sanya Shangri-La Hotel Co Ltd
Completed 2014
Shangri-La Sanya Resort and Spa,HainanShangri-La Sanya Resort and Spa,HainanShangri-La Sanya Resort and Spa,Hainan
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