Jumeirah Residence (OXLEY Towers)

A stone throw away from the renowned Petronas Twin Towers, the Oxley Towers is a vibrant and upcoming development made from an ensemble of three cascading skyscrapers interlinked with landscaped sky decks. This commercial scheme is set to become a future landmark on the Kuala Lumpur skyline. The highly dense mixed-use development of 280,000 sqm is created from a concoction of components: two hotels, serviced residences, offices and retail; which will soon become an opportunity to transform the civic realm and urban experience of the KLCC area. The buildings are set back forming a forecourt. The street-front plaza funnels pedestrians into an “urban corridor” that cuts a path through the city block, creating a human scale at street level, amidst towering skyscrapers. The retail corridor forms an “indoor street” sheltered from the tropical weather and links pedestrians from the bustling Jalan Ampang to the KLCC Park and Mosque located at the rear. Recognizing its noblesse oblige, roof-top restaurants with outdoor view decks enable public access through the often impervious urban islands of exclusive luxury developments. The curtain-wall embodies a distinctive diagonal grain – a recurring leitmotif in indigenous textiles and weaving traditions of Malaysia. Window panels and sun-shading fins form a layered, textured façade reinforcing the diagonal pattern which distinguishes the interior experience. The asymmetrical composition of three tapering and interconnect towers creates ever-changing perspectives of the buildings from different viewpoints.

Oxley Holdings (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
Under Construction 2021
Jumeirah ResidenceJumeirah ResidenceJumeirah ResidenceJumeirah ResidenceJumeirah ResidenceJumeirah Residence
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