Bintan Resort
Part of Indonesia’s Riau Archipelago, with a short boat ride from the city of Singapore, Bintan island attracts hundred thousand of visitors annually as a resort destination offering secluded beaches and diverse water sports. Located at the east coast of the Bintan Island, the development comprises of a beachfront hotel and water villas. Perched along 240,000-square-foot (5.5 acres) land, the hotel consists of five blocks, an outdoor restaurant, an infinity pool and a rock spa, all designed to fully immerse the guests with nature and panoramic sea view. Worth-mentioning, at the north end of the development, the rock spa is featured to create a semi-outdoor space for relaxation. “Wavy, rhythmical” pattern is incorporated into the landscape and façade to signify the concept inspired by ocean waves. Moreover, an undulating pathway where 10 water villas can be seen along the way leads to the island which accommodates 5 presidential suites, a themed restaurant and a chapel for special occasions. Constructed of mainly timber which depicts locality and tropical rustic architecture, the hotel and villas can accommodate up to 250 guests.
Link Holdings Limited
Under Construction 2021
Bintan ResortBintan ResortBintan ResortBintan ResortBintan ResortBintan Resort
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