VERITAS Fund for Excellence in Design Education (VFE)

The VERITAS Fund for Excellence in Design Education (VFE) was founded in 2004 to further our core values of constant innovation, a commitment to design excellence and social responsibility towards the built environment. It is our hope that the Fund would encourage more design students and teachers to excel in various design fields and eventually contribute towards nation-building as architects, designers and educators.

The Fund will be channelled to assist students and teachers in local institutions through scholarships, awards, research grants, study stipends, community projects, study trips, design competitions, student seminars, student publications, etc. that will promote a culture of excellence and generally enhance public awareness and recognition of design.

The VERITAS Design Group has committed to set aside each year a percentage of our annual profit towards the Fund which is supplemented by contributions from some of VERITAS’ Clients and business associates.

CSR 2018
Urban Park
On 29th September 2018, the VERITAS Fund for Excellence (VFE) organised a gardening day in the Kebun-Kebun Bangsar park. The effort began earlier in collaboration with students from Taylors University, School of Architecture and Building Design (SABD). They designed and built a hangout spot for visitors to the park to enjoy the greenery. To officiate the completed works, a June Plum fruit tree (Spondias Dulcis) was planted by VERITAS Group President David Hashim and Tony Liew, Dean of SABD. The VERITASians and students were then divided into groups to plant various types of flora including fruit trees, vegetables and shrubs in several different locations. It was a very “fruitful” day for the green loving VERITASians!

Live Design Discourse Competition
VERITAS Fund for Excellence sponsored four Malaysian Architecture students to attend the LIVE DESIGN DISCOURSE (LDD) – The Essential Framework, to Surabaya (Indonesia), from 19th – 23rd February 2018. The LDD series is a programme initiated by Ar Saifuddin Ahmad (PAM) that aims to create an opportunity to collaborate, network and foster better relationship among student members of the participant institutes of architects. Also, to serve as a platform for students to share design ideas which are unique to our region, culture and environment. Four countries and several universities were represented at the design charrette: Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM), Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA), Association of Siamese Architects (AIA) and the host Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia (IAI). VERITAS Principal Ar Lillian Tay and Architect Dr Miguel A. Robles-Cardona attended and supported the Malaysian participant students: Aiman Al Fahmi Bin Adbul Kashaf (UiTM), Syahidah Binti Samsir (UM), Nurul Husna Binti Zulkifli (IIUM) and Muhammad Aizat Bin Anuar (UTM). Ar Nur Safuraa Abd Razak tutored the team during the design exercise in Surabaya.

On 17th till 19th August 2018, a group of 9 VERITASians joined an expedition to Taman Negara for ‘Project Kampungku’ which is a renewable energy initiative aimed at bringing artificial lighting to orang asli villages across rural Malaysia. The co-founder of Kampungku is an NGO called ECOMY and the project’s new partners; VERITAS, Haskell and Lewis & Clark College of USA were part of this particular Kampungku expedition. The VERITASians led by Latha Ramasamy, Head of Human Resources worked with the indigenous tribes people to construct bamboo frames for the photovoltaic panels, and installed with wiring and lighting to the many homes in the village.