CK Tang
VERITAS Environment Sdn. Bhd.

CK Tang is well-regarded in South East Asia as one of the foremost specialists in energy efficiency.

His working background spans 17 years. He joined IES Ltd UK, a building performance software developer to provide training and support for its range of building simulation software. From 2003 to 2006, he was engaged as a consultant by DANIDA (Danish International Development Assistance) to assist the Malaysian Ministry of Energy, Water and Communication (MEWC) in the study and promulgation of energy efficiency in buildings during which he reviewed Malaysia’s Building Energy Efficiency Code, the Malaysian Standards1525. Following that was a successful 5 year stint as Director & Chief Technical Advisor at IEN Consultants Sdn Bhd.

CK’s contribution to the profession has been varied and wide-ranging. He has authored many papers and is a renowned speaker and trainer in green building requirements and energy efficiency, including that of the Malaysian GBI facilitator course. He has developed software in response to the dearth of easy-to-use energy efficiency and daylight optimization software in the building industry, also recognized for use by GBI. With his technical know-how he has developed methodologies of designing low-energy buildings with the lowest capital costs and a complete understanding of the benefits and risks involved.