Located in the heart of the Shah Alam administrative centre, the Selangor State Development Corporate Headquarters is sited at the edge of a manmade lake. The building is an array of office blocks varying in breadth between 10 to 15 meters altogether sheltered by an ascending green roof. Ramping up to views of the surrounds, the oversailing roof doubles back on the lake's side to connect with a pedestrian walkway. This green promenade is set to be a prominent venue from where people can enjoy views of the surrounding area or gather for events. The area displaced by the built-up of the building is thus reclaimed and returned to the public realm. It is a 6 storey with 5 floors office and found floor retail. The building with a total GFA of 270,000 sf. The PKNS HQ is the highest GBI points scored for an office building at Design Assessment stage.

Fully completed and occupied in 2016, the PKNS Headquarters is a Green Building Index (GBI) Platinum rated commercial building, catering for office and retail components. Scoring 95 of 100 points, the highest GBI score ever achieved in Malaysia, PKNS Headquarters aims to attain LEED Platinum rating as well; making it a dual Platinum rated green building in the country.

  • The PKNS Headquarters office building has attained a Building Energy Intensity (BEI) of 88kWh/m2 per year when compared to conventional office building of 175kWh/m2.
  • The building achieved 60% Energy Reduction compared to other typical Malaysian commercial buildings, equivalent to approximately 2.4 million kg of carbon dioxide diverted per year (similar to 17 million km of car driving).
  • The project adopts Solar Absorption Cooling by implementing 1200m2 of evacuated-tubes solar collectors to capture solar heat, making it the second largest installation in Asia.
  • A massive green roof of 5600m2 covers a majority of the building’s roof surface and is open for public use. The roof design provides absorption of solar radiation, evaporative respiration and promotes rainwater recycling.
  • The roof offers a Biophillic Design which establishes interaction with nature. This in turn, provides numerous benefits to the health and well-being of the users and is known to increase productivity and creativity of the occupants.
  • The headquarter promotes best practice in passive design implementation achieving the Overall Thermal Transfer Value (OTTV) of 24.13W/m2. It is constructed with double glazing to ensure envelope optimisation and offers sloped ceilings to increase daylight penetration.
  • Active design strategies include efficient HVAC system, individualised control (VAV), displacement ventilation, carbon dioxide sensors, sophisticated lighting zoning and efficient lighting fixtures.
Completed 2016
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