VERITAS Integrated Professional Services (VIPS)

VIPS offers a comprehensive and integrated multi-disciplinary approach to design which encompasses architecture, master planning, landscape design, interior design, environmental consulting, quantity surveying/ project management as well as engineering.

All these services are provided by specialized consultancies within the VERITAS Design Group and each one is led by a dedicated Managing Director with extensive experience in their respective disciplines. The only exception to the above is engineering services which are out-sourced to established professional engineering firms with whom VERITAS has built long-term relationships.

The ultimate aim of VIPS is to offer Clients the option of a “one-stop” consultancy service led by VERITAS. The advantages to the Client will be:

  • Mitigate the Client’s need to manage so many consultants
  • Simplify documentation and communicate protocols
  • Reduce the overall professional fee
  • Focus responsibility and liability upon one party
  • Achieve a more integrated final product

VERITAS is proud to have completed numerous projects under VIPS, with many current projects underway both in Malaysia and overseas.