World Islamic Economic Forum HQ
WIEF is A offices for the OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries) business network. Despite an Islamic background set up, the offices was to portray a universal and global business nature.

The Interior Design scheme was based on exclusive corporate identity. The material choices were mainly of fine timber finishes that exudes confidence and power. Refined silk curtains and plush carpet adds to the luxurious feel that these offices were to suggest.

Islamic motifs are suffused within the general international look thus performing a character that is unique and singular. A sense of 'dignified silence' pervades within these spaces when they are not occupied.

A modern and minimal element within the cabinetry fitout and fittings of the interior gives a sense of familiarity to these corporate offices.
Completed 2008
World Islamic Economic Forum HQWorld Islamic Economic Forum HQWorld Islamic Economic Forum HQ
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