Jland Tower

Menara Johor Land is a 30+ storey corporate office tower set in the heart of Johor Bahru City Centre (JBCC), Johor. Located above the Aria Shopping Mall (previously known as Plaza Komtar), Menara Johor Land is designed to be an iconic gateway to the CBD, and its floor plates taper towards the observatory deck on the topmost floor to create a maximum aerial view of Singapore and Johor Bahru.

A detailed building energy simulation study showed that it is possible for a building owner in a proposed multi-tenanted high rise office tower to reduce up to 73% energy consumption as the operator of the building. This energy reduction reduces the energy running cost for the building owner from a baseline of RM 2 million per year to a running cost of RM 500,000 per year. The building energy intensity of the building (including tenant energy consumption) reduces from 212 kWh/(m².year) down to 82 kWh/(m².year).

A holistic energy efficiency approach was proposed to achieve such high efficiency gain. Approximately 50 passive and active energy efficiency features were tested for this building. Many of the efficiency gains are in the region of 1~2% energy reduction per design improvement. In addition, the peak cooling load of the building was reduced by 34% due to these design improvements, allowing a smaller air-conditioning system to be implemented for this building. Menara Johor Land is targeted to be an award-winning corporate office tower with Qlassic and GBI Gold Rated Certification.

Johor Corporation
Under Construction 2018
Jland TowerJland TowerJland TowerJland TowerJland TowerJland Tower
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